Sunday, March 18, 2007

Allegory of the First Self Forms Discovered on an Atomplanet

Pan Universes News Report: Scientists at TIM today reported that they had discovered evidence of atomplanet self forms in the mesotissue of the hind leg of a baby nettik. This is the first report of atomplanet life forms although they have long been theorized to exist. Using the astonishing epocsorcim, a new version of the old F1000 nannomachines, Dr. Laer Llams, a nannologist at TIM who has been searching through the microcosm for these minute atomplanetary systems for over fifty years, discovered this special new system late last year. During his early research years, he mathematically worked out the formula proving the existence of self forms on atomplanet systems. He said that he “was almost ready to retire without making this most fantastic discovery.” It is the custom for the scientist discovering and describing an atomplanet to name it, and Dr. Llams named this one Thera. “Thera is a beautiful blue atomplanet,” Dr. Llams exposulated,“and it seems to be made up of great amounts of water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, three of the molecules that are required for life forms to exist.” It also seems to spin on its axis and orbit its atomstar at almost exactly the theorized speeds predicted by Nietsnie for atomplanets harboring life. Since the development of nannomachines almost 100 years ago, hundreds of atomplanets have been discovered and searched, but, although widely theorized to exist, finding these infinitesimal self forms has proved to be elusive. Llams said that the epocsorcim did not actually visualize a life form but proved its existence by measuring the extremely small changes of shifting electrical differentials on the surface of Thera and evaluating these measurements with those on hundreds of other atomplanets in the microcosm. Llams said, “These minuscule atomplanets seem to orbit small bits of concentrated energy that has been measured by the epocsorcim as several hundredths of a nanoretem.” Dr. Llams went on to theorize that the makeup of these self forms might be even smaller bits of energy that we have yet to decover; however, it is going to take much more research to learn the structure of these self forms.